Introducing LinkIQ™️ – Fluke’s Newest Ethernet Cable, Network, and PoE Tester

21 de abril de 2021 / General, Standard and Certification, Industrial Networks

Cabling is the number one cause of Ethernet problems in both commercial and industrial applications. With Fluke Networks’ newest Ethernet tester, LinkIQ™️ Cable + Network Tester, you can troubleshoot that cabling and the network it’s connected to. Save your company or clients hours of downtime, keeping the network up and running as efficiently as possible.

LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester introduction and demonstration

LinkIQ offers a variety of cable and network tests including:

  • Switch port testing
  • Testes de cabos
  • Testando o PoE
  • Documentação do LinkWare™

The versatile Ethernet tester for cable, networks, and PoE

LinkIQ is both an Ethernet network tester and an Ethernet cable tester with PoE functionality. Combining these functions together creates the single tool testing professionals want in their tool bag when on a jobsite.

LinkIQ - Ethernet cable tester

Among its functions, the LinkIQ is an Ethernet cable tester that verifies cable performance up to 10 Gb/s and can help solve issues related to network connectivity. The tool does this through frequency-based measurements and distance to fault along with a wire map of the specific cable that’s being tested.

LinkIQ is capable of measuring up to 1000 ft (205 m) of cabling, providing distances to faults as the test runs. The faults LinkIQ can detect include opens, shorts, and unterminated cable. Plus, the tool can show a complete, graphical wire map of the cable pairs so you can identify miswired or split pairs that much easier.

This cabling bandwidth test uses IEEE-standards to ensure the tested cables meet performance requirements instead of just proving that the specific test devices can communicate over the link like transmission testers do.

LinkIQ - Ethernet network tester

Paired with the cable testing feature, the LinkIQ is also an ethernet network tester with the ability to provide detailed information on the nearest connected switch. LinkIQ negotiates with the switch to identify the advertised data rate, half/full duplex identification, switch name, port number, and VLAN info.

LinkIQ - PoE tester

Also as a PoE tester, LinkIQ verifies your network and cables are ready for Power over Ethernet (PoE), and troubleshoots any issues that pop up, in a simplified way with the LinkIQ’s PoE test. Because IEEE offers more than one PoE standard, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for. When the test is run using a LinkIQ, the screen displays the pairs where power is provided, including the different power levels and pairs for dual-signature implementations. Beyond that, LinkIQ will place a load on the connected cable to be sure that the amount of power advertised is actually delivered by the switch across your cabling infrastructure.


As you’re running tests and working throughout your jobsites, LinkIQ can hold a record of previously completed tests for you. The tool can save up to 1.000 tests that you are able to look back on and pull up after the test is completed. The tool automatically includes the names and numbers automatically increment when you conduct a test, saving time down the line when testing cables in sequence.

LinkIQ also connects to PC, making it simple to document and share the tests you’ve completed through the free application. Using this tool also lets you store previous results and generate PDF reports that are easy to share out to clients or management.

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