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Happy Holidays from All of Us at Fluke Networks!

Mark Mullins

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the LAN, 
the channels were tested except for the SAN.
MPOs easy with MultiFiber™ Pro,
gave me hope I'd be done before fallen snow.
With SmartLoop letting me to test from one end,
I knew that I'd soon start my weekend.
Even bad splices found with OneShot™ PRO,
didn't burst holiday spirits or cause any woe.

When on my cell phone there arose such a trouble,
a call from the boss for results on the double.
To my traffic app I flew like a flash,
plugged in the address and let out a gasp.
The route to the office was an hour at least,
on a road going west with my home to the east!

When what to my pondering thoughts should appear,
but the LinkWare™ Live account I signed up for this year.
Quickly checking my Wi-Fi connection,
I signed right in and made my selection.
Clicked on my project to start the upload,
then packed up my tools to get on the road.

Jumping into the van I was now homeward bound,
when I suddenly heard an upsetting sound.
A desperate voice mail from fellow tech Bob,
needing a tester to finish his job.
In the spirit of giving I pulled off to the side,
logged back into LinkWare and quickly replied.

For there on my map was a CertiFiber® Pro,
connected to LinkWare just moments ago.
Lucky for Bob it was not far away,
just across campus which sure made his day.
Confident now that my good deed was done,
It was certainly time for my Yuletide fun.

So laying my tester back in its kit,
I headed for home lickety-split.
But I had to exclaim ‘ere I drove out of sight,
“Happy testing to all and to all a good night!”

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