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Os seus cabos de fibra óptica e testadores estão prontos para a Ethernet 400G?

Driven by large hyperscale and cloud data center providers, advancements in signaling and transceiver technology have led to the development of next-generation transmission speeds. There are now multiple options available for 400G Ethernet applications over multimode and single-mode fiber with more on the horizon. And it doesn’t stop there—big players like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are driving innovation to support 800 Gig and 1,6 Terabit applications, and the IEEE Beyond 400 Gig Ethernet Study Group is already defining objectives.

28 de setembro de 2021

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What is Insertion Loss?

Insertion loss is the amount of energy that a signal loses as it travels along a cable link. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs for any type of transmission—whether it's electricity or data. This reduction of signal, also called attenuation, is directly related to the length of a cable—the longer the cable, the greater the insertion loss. Insertion loss is also caused by any connection points along a cable link (i.e., connectors and splices).

Insertion Loss Formula

25 de agosto de 2021

O Conector LC de Metal: Diga adeus a travas quebradas em cabos de referência de teste de fibra

Embora existam muitos tipos diferentes de conectores ópticos dependendo do tipo de componentes que você está usando, os conectores LC se tornaram muito comuns em todo o setor de redes.

Conectores LC de plástico

O uso de plástico para conexões que serão conectadas e raramente tocadas novamente funciona perfeitamente. Porém, quando essas conexões precisam ser conectadas e desconectadas repetidamente, por exemplo, com cabos de referência de teste de fibra, a trava flexível do compartimento muitas vezes se rompe devido à flexão repetida.

23 de agosto de 2021

Teste de carga PoE: Avançada resolução de problemas para seus sistemas PoE

Since the original IEEE 802.3af Type 1 power over Ethernet (PoE) standard that delivered up to 15,4 Watts (W) was first introduced in 2003, the technology has evolved to include Type 2 (up to 30 W), Type 3 (up to 60 W), and Type 4 (up to 90 W). That means PoE voltage now supports everything from phones, Wi-Fi access points, and surveillance cameras, to laptops, digital displays, and even facility-wide LED lighting—all requiring various levels of PoE power.

27 de julho de 2021

Conexões cruzadas e interconexões no data center

In the data center space, cross connects and interconnects via patch panels are commonly used between active equipment purely for management and flexibility, typically residing between switch tiers or between switches and servers. Some scenarios even call for using multiple cross connects or interconnects within the same channel, or a combination thereof.

14 de julho de 2021

Como usar um testador de cabo de rede - LinkIQ™

22 de junho de 2021

Como limpar seu testador de cabo e rede de fibra

Cleanliness has long been a best practice in fiber optic installation, but it’s not just the fiber end faces you need to worry about. If you think about how often your cabling tools and testers are touched by you and others on the job site, it’s clear that they too need to be cleaned.

While a fiber end face and your Fluke Network tester are cleaned for two different reasons, the goal in both instances is to clean without causing any damage.

11 de junho de 2021

Como testar cabos de conexão e cabos de ligação direta de fibra - os links mais fracos

Equipment cords are an integral part of any network—whether it’s a fiber jumper used to make connections between fiber patching areas and switches in the data center or a copper patch cord out in the LAN to connect end devices to the work area outlet.

10 de junho de 2021

Resolução de problemas de VLAN com LinkIQ

Everyone in the ICT industry has heard of a local area network (LAN) and likely understands that it’s a network made up of a myriad of devices—computers, servers, Wi-Fi access points, VoIP phones, surveillance cameras, etc.—all connected in one physical location.

26 de maio de 2021

Atualização do software de certificação de cabeamento Versiv 6.6

The newest version now available to the Versiv software updates the cabling certification software on multiple products in the Fluke Networks line. Once installed, these updates add new features to your tools as well as expand the number of cable specifications supported for testing.

13 de maio de 2021