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Calibration - DSX CableAnalyzer

Fluke Networks recommends that the DSX CableAnalyzer (DSX-8000 or DSX-5000) modules are to  be factory calibrated by an authorized service center every 12 months.

Since the Versiv mainframe and remote unit are not measurement devices, they do not require any factory calibration, and therefore no Certificate(s) of Calibration are required for them.  

Obs.: The following is applicable to all DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer, DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro, and OptiFiber Pro modules manufactured after June 20th, 2016.

When you receive your new and unused DSX CableAnalyzer module(s), you can check the module's calibration status by tapping on TOOLS > Version Information > MODULE:

When you run a test for the first time with the DSX CableAnalyzer module, a second calibration date will appear:

In the example above, the calibration certificate supplied with the module will have shown 4/6/2016. However, re-calibration will not be due until 28/6/2017, since the first test was carried out on 28/6/2016. Your calibration certificate states the calibration date starts with the first test you conduct or six months after the module was calibrated, at the factory here in Everett, WA.

What about the test report? The Calibration Start Date is the date that will be stored with your test record and reported in LinkWare PC:

Only an authorized service center can adjust the module and update the calibration date.


Is your DSX CableAnalyzer currently covered by Gold Support?

To request annual factory calibration under your Gold Support contract, send email to and include the following information:


Company Name

Gold Support Number



Models and Serial Numbers:

     Versiv Main and Remote--Optional, these do not require calibration.  Only include if you are sending them in with the modules.

DSX-8000 "CU" Copper modules (two serial numbers)

DSX-5000 “CU” Copper modules (two serial numbers)

CFP-QUAD "Q" Loss/Length Fiber modules (two serial numbers)

OFP-QUAD "Q" OTDR module (one serial number)

Return Shipping Address:  Must be a physical address; our shipper will not allow PO Box.

Choose Calibration Type:  (1) RMA and Waybill Only (No Loaner) OR (2) Scheduled Factory Calibration with Loaner

Obsevação:  These options are available ONLY for current Gold Support customers.

(1)  RMA and Waybill Only (No Loaner). The Service Center will create the RMA and email you the RMA information and prepaid shipping label typically within 1-2 business days..

(2)  Scheduled Factory Calibration with Loaner. The Service Center will schedule the loaner and email you the scheduled date on which the loaner set will ship. RMA info and shipping labels are sent in hardcopy with the loaner set on the scheduled shipping date.

NOTA:   Typical scheduled loaner ship date timeframes are 6-8 weeks beyond the date of the initial request to TAC.                                                                         

A Support Case will be created and you may be contacted by Fluke Networks Technical Assistance Center if more information is needed in order to process the request.


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