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Updating your CertiFiber Pro

Go ahead an install LinkWare PC 9,9 which can be obtained from here. While on that download page, download the Version 5,4 Build 1 firmware as well. Remember where you saved the firmware file!

  • Make sure your battery is sufficiently charged; if in doubt, connect the power to your unit
  • Open LinkWare PC 9,9
  • Connect the Versiv/TFS main frame to your PC using a Micro USB cord that came with your unit

                 Updating Versiv Product
  • Use LinkWare PC to send the update file to the Versiv mainframe.
  • Click on the Utilities > DSX CableAnalyzer > Software Update (You could of course click on CertiFiber Pro; for software updates - it makes no difference)

    DSX CableAnalyzer Software Update
  • Locate the update file file you downloaded and click on Open

    Located Update File

    This will send the update file to the unit, the update takes around 5 minutes
    You do not need to update the module - Versiv stores the firmware necessary to do any updates to the module automatically
  • Now do the same for the remote unit.

Author: Adrian Young

Data de criação: 27-2-2014

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