Crônicas sobre cabeamento

Às vezes… é o cabo

There’s an ad that says, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”  With billions of links certified by our testers and something like five more every second of every business day, we’ve seen just about every possible cabling problem.  Which means we’ve seen plenty of bad cable.

23 de janeiro de 2020

Considerations for Choosing Stranded vs. Solid Cable

You’ve probably heard of balanced twisted-pair copper cabling referred to as either stranded or solid, and if you’re on the fence as to which you should use when and where, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of considerations when it comes to choosing, including standards, environment, application and price. Let’s take a look at the differences and delve into these considerations so you know which cable type is right for your specific situation.

9 de janeiro de 2020

História do RJ45: Um caso de identidade equivocada

Our industry commonly uses the term “RJ45” to refer to the modular 8-position, 8-contact (8P8C) interface deployed for Ethernet over copper twisted-pair network cabling despite it pretty much being a case of mistaken identity.

But since the RJ45 name has stuck, we thought maybe we’d take a closer look at the history of this nomenclature and why to this day, it remains the de facto interface for twisted-pair Ethernet applications.

2 de janeiro de 2020

Testes de cabo 101: Qual é o meu orçamento de perda?

Embora você possa ouvir seu CFO resmungando sobre ficar abaixo do orçamento sob uma perspectiva monetária, permanecer abaixo do orçamento de perda sob a perspectiva da fibra tem um impacto muito maior sobre o desempenho de sua rede e acaba afetando diretamente seus resultados financeiros ao evitar tempo de inatividade.

Mas como é que seu orçamento de perda é definido de maneira exata e como garantir que você não o exceda?

26 de dezembro de 2019

This Decade’s Top 5 Tech Flicks for Your Holiday Downtime

As we head into the holidays and a new decade, you may find that you’ve finally got some time to wind down at home as you use up the remainder of this year’s vacation days. And even if you’re stuck in the office keeping the network up and running, it’s a quiet time of year that might warrant a long lunch to watch Netflix on your laptop.

17 de dezembro de 2019

Fluke Networks Previews Single Pair Ethernet Testing at Industrial Automation Show

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is making waves in the industrial automation world as a potential replacement for fieldbus architectures. At the recent Rockwell Automation show, Fluke Networks demonstrated a prototype Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) adapter for the DSX-8000. 

5 de dezembro de 2019

Anixter’s New Utility Grade Infrastructure

Fluke Networks has announced support for Anixter’s Utility Grade Infrastructure.  That means that Anixter Certified UTG Integrators can use the DSX CableAnalyzer to certify their installations.  We thought we’d explore the UTG program and what it offers the marketplace.

30 de novembro de 2019

Troubleshooting Fiber on the Cheap

If you troubleshoot fiber on a regular basis, you probably have an array of tools to help you do the job, including an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.  But we often get questions from customers who don’t troubleshoot fiber enough to justify such an expensive tool. 

21 de novembro de 2019