FindFiber™ Remote ID

This add-on accessory for SimpliFiber Pro enables one fiber technician to quickly identify cable connections or routings (especially useful at patch panels), eliminating the need for multiple technicians on opposite ends of a fiber link to match color combinations. 

Tips for Using FindFiber

FindFiber has an SC connection at the top, under the protective cap.  It uses a Class 1 Laser to send a signal to the SimpliFiber Pro Meter, which will display the remote ID number set by the user.   

  • Press the Mode button on SimpliFiber Pro Meter to place it in FindFiber mode, and it will display the number indicated on the FindFiber source as long as the fiber link connecting the meter and source is good.
  • If your fiber link uses a different connector type than SC, you can use hybrid patch cords to (SC-LC for example) to connect the FindFibe Remote ID to it. 
  • FindFiber does not have VFL capability



Does it need to be a perfect fiber connection to work?

No.  Ideally you will make sure that the fiber endfaces are clean, etc., but we know what it is like out in the field.  We have tested a FindFiber source and SimpliFiber Pro meter on a fiber link which had had 32 dB of loss--AND IT WORKED!  At 0,4 dB/Km, this would mean it is capable of working to a distance range to 80Km.

FindFiber is available for order using these part numbers:

FINDFIBER – One FindFiber Source

FINDFIBER-6 – Bundle kit of 6 FindFiber Sources.  ID numbers are set by the technician to different numbers and connected at the faceplate or office location.  SimpliFiber Pro meter is connected to the ports individually at the panel to identify the fiber.