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Setup for Cable Testing - MicroMapper™ Pro

Cable testing with the MicroMapper™ Pro can be easily accomplished by following these setup steps:

Etapa 1: Press the “SET” button and select the cable type using “UP / DOWN” arrows then hit “RETURN” to select

Etapa 2: Press “SET” again to exit the menu

Etapa 3: Connect a cable to the Coax or RJ-45 interface

Etapa 4: Connect a Remote Identifier to the far end of the cable

Etapa 5: Press the “TEST” Button

Etapa 6: if the cable has a bad wiremap, there may be the option to use the “UP / DOWN” arrows to get additional information on the problem.

Autor: Fluke Networks

Data de criação: 26-2-2014

Última alteração: 26-2-2014

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