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Release Notes LinkWare PC Version 10,3

LinkWare PC 10,3 Release Notes (15/7/2019)

New Support and Features:

  • Support for Versiv 6,3
    • Support for DSX-602
    • Updates to Versiv 6,3 limits for re-certification
  • Allow user to restore edited Versiv Span
  • Support for IX Channel and M12-X Adapters

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Label on "Details" button first character is not capitalized when language is Polish
  • Change "divisor" to "splitter" in the Portuguese UI strings
  • Very long OTDR Event notes get cut off
  • OTDR Report says "Span Events" when no Span set

OptiFiber Pro HDR reporting improvements


LinkWare PC 10,2 Release Notes (29/5/2019)

New Support and Features:

  • Support for Versiv 6,2
    • Support for Single-ended copper spool tests (see Limits Folder Other, scroll down to find Single End test limits)
    • Updated to Versiv 6,2 limits for re-certification
  • New Network Connection Option to allow Versiv connection to PC via IP address on tester's wired or wireless connection for showing display, importing results, or updating software for Versiv main unit.
  • OTDR span graphs show in context of larger graphical data on the report

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Only one wavelength of full page OTDR graph showing on  OptiFiber Pro® HDR OTDR report– Fixed
  • Clicking on HDTDR on Measurements/Details Results tab of Detail window causes exception for COAX result – Fixed
  • OTDR Span loss sometimes not displaying for one wavelength – Fixed
  • Not able to change OTDR splitter event ration to ‘2x’ values  – Fixed
  • Not displaying OTDR warning for Potentially Damaging Reflection  – Fixed
  • Fiber Inspector results showing tester as OptiFiber Pro instead of Versiv  – Fixed
  • Coax results older than Versiv v6.1 are showing as Twisted Pair – Fixed

LinkWare PC 10,1 Release Notes (31/1/2019)

New Support and Features:

  • Support for Versiv 6,1
    • Support for OTDR Span
    • Support for edited OTDR Event type
    • Updated to Versiv 6,1 limits for re-certification
  • OTDR Trace Viewer new features and improvements
    • Adjustable panes
    • Fiber list select/deselect matches standard behavior of Windows
    • Change Trace Segment terminology to "Span" to match Versiv
  • Bulk Cable ID renaming utility
  • Streamline editing of Record Properties for multiple records
  • Auto expand the EventMap selected event and graph to fill the size of the detail window when it is re-sized.

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Outer blue ring on Fiber Inspector images not being drawn– Fixed
  • Polish translation for "Configuration" is incorrect – Fixed


LinkWare 10,0 (Released October, 2018)

New Support and features:

  • Support for Versiv 6,0
    • Support OptiFiber Pro® HDR OTDR 
    • OTDR UI and report support 3 wavelengths
    • Show second copper limit line for NEXT pair 36-45 with certain limits
    • New OTDR event types: Bend and Splitter
    • Updated to Versiv 6,0 limits for re-certification
  • OTDR Trace Viewer new features and improvements
    • Add a 0 dB loss event to multiple traces
    • Edit OTDR event type on multiple traces
    • Delete low loss OTDR event from multiple traces
    • Add a note to any OTDR event
    • Overlay up to 250 traces
    • Overlay bidirectional traces
    • Simplified overlay options
    • Re-certify OTDR result for a segment of the trace
    • Drag and drop markers on graph
    • Allow loss between cursor and mark to be calculated in dead zone
    • Show fiber ends on graph
  • Added OTDR settings to report
  • Improved detect and delete duplicate record utility finds copied records
  • Support downloading sub-projects from LinkWare Live
  • Support importing sub-projects from Versiv
  • Always show calibration date on report
  • Usage logging
  • Support new product registration system

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Bellcore export format is out of date - Fixed
  • Indicate "SmartLoop" for OTDR tests performed using SmartLoop - Fixed
  • Copper result incorrectly shows '-1,000 ohms' for P2P Unbalance Resistance - Fixed
  • There is a \n showing in Japanese string on the OTDR report - Fixed
  • Not all projects showing for selection when downloading from LinkWare Live - Fixed
  • OTDR Bi-directional ORL and Loss not included in CSV and XML exports - Fixed


LinkWare PC 9,9 (February 2018)

New Support and features:

  • Support for Versiv V5.4 build 1 update
  • Support for Versiv V5.3 including Versiv2
  • Support for Commscope limits
  • Allow recertification to 2.5G/5GBASE-T standards
  •  Updated SQLite library from version to
  • Install update from zip File
  • Always show equipment calibration date on report

Key Bug Fixes

  • Projects with a space or special character in name causes a Read Setup error -Fixed
  • Fiber columns off in CSV export when copper option checked –Fixed

LinkWare PC 9,8 (May 2017)

New Support and features:

  • Support Versiv 5,1 Release
  • Support for new 'Acceptable' status
  • Support for DSX-600
  • Test Limit Updates
  • Updated sample.flw file with DSX-600 results
  • Updated help file

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Not showing number of adapters and splices –Fixed

LinkWare PC 9,7 adds support for DSX-8000.  (January 2017).


LinkWare 9,6 Release Notes (June 2016)

1.  New Features/Enhancements

  • Sign-in for your LinkWare Live account added to home page

2.  Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Updated test limit database for recertification of test results
    • Database matches Versiv 4,7 build 4 release
  • Chinese limits removed from recertification

​3.  Correções de bugs

  • Link to troubleshooting guide broken -- fixed
  • LinkWare PC should not bi-directionally average a result if launch only launch compensation is used with OptiFiber Pro -- fixed
  • Translation error of "Loss" on fiber test reports in Spanish -- fixed
  • Help file needs updating -- fixed
  • Network Compliant list of fiber reports not correct for 40GBASE -- fixed

LinkWare PC 9,5 allows the downloading and merging of results from these devices:

* No service or repair available for these testers due to components being obsolete.

LinkWare Version 9,5 (January 2016)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for Versiv 4,5 release (new OTDR result format)
    • Bi-directional Averaged OTDR Test with OptiFiber Pro
  • Allow user to import MultiFiber Pro results named with any sequence of cable IDs
  • Allow user to import from a network share by entering the UNC path 
  • Remote calibration date now printing on Report
  • Allow user to manually enter length for MultiFiber Pro and SimpliFiber Pro results
  • Display OLTS length-based limit calculations for CertiFiber Pro and recertified loss results
  • Updated USB drivers - Windows XP no longer supported

Bug fixes:

  • Text "Resistance Unbalance" incorrectly displayed - fixed
  • Text "Bidirectional" should be "Bi-directional" - fixed 
  • "Ghost Source" translated incorrectly in Simplified Chinese - fixed
  • Text "SmartLoop" displayed incorrectly in English - fixed
  • Incorrectly displaying the same limit on all pairs for Resistance Unbalance and Resistance P2P - fixed

LinkWare Version 9,4 (September 2015)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for Versiv 4,3 Build 6(new result format)
    • New Resistance Unbalance between pairs measurement
    • Custom outlet configurations
  • Support for Cable ID lists using non-Latin characters
  • Auto software updating – no longer directed to Fluke Networks to download updates manually
  • Support for MultiFiber Pro enhanced calibration date based on first use date
  • Export OTDR results in CSV format (for traces with 15 or less events)

Cable.Spec Database Change

  • Updated test limit database for recertification of test results

Bug fixes:

  • Failing CertiFiber Pro negative loss not reported as worst loss - fixed
  • Manual Entry setting for OptiFiber Pro appears as Launch + Tail - fixed
  • Passing Tail event shown as failing on EventMap - fixed
  • Rounding error on length value in record list - fixed
  • Incorrect cable type on imported 10 fiber count MultiFiber Pro results - fixed
  • Manual SmartLoop OTDR test showing as Auto - fixed
  • Japanese text for ‘Compliant Network Standards’ is incorrect - fixed
  • Japanese text for ‘Re-Certify’ is incorrect - fixed
  • End threshold mode incorrect on OTDR report  - fixed
  • Unable to import results with Cable IDs containing many Asian characters - fixed
  • Fiber Inspector Custom Limit shown incorrectly - fixed
  • LinkWare gets exception when clicking on LinkWare Live icon - fixed


LinkWare Version 9,3 (April 2015)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for DSX-5000, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro and FI7000 Version 4,2 Build 5
  • Updated cable library
  • Updated recertification wizard limits
  • Calibration date based on first use date

Bug fixes:

  • LinkWare PC would crash when importing more than 2.000 DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer Reports


LinkWare Version 9,2 (March 2015)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for DTX Version 2,77
  • Updated cable library
  • Updated recertification wizard limits
  • Now called LinkWare PC

Bug fixes:

  • Checks to see if your Versiv can be supported for this Version of LinkWare PC


LinkWare Version 9,1 (November 2014)

Key enhancements:

  • Versiv (TFS) 4,0 Build 3 support for DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro and FI-7000
  • Support for the following adapters
  • Support for new adapters (Available Dec 2014):
    • DSX-CHA003 COAX
    • DSX-CHA021 M12 D-Code
    • DSX-CHA012 GG45
  • Added LinkWare Live icons
  • Versiv (TFS) registration now runs in the background
  • Negative loss warning removed when bi-directional averaging is implemented
  • Download multiple projects in one go from LinkWare Live
  • Cable ID creation utility allows any characters
  • Registration check runs in the background

Bug fixes:

  • Patch cord reports show worst case values in remote column for DTX – fixed
  • File sub menus cut off when last used file has a long name - fixed


LinkWare Version 9.0 (May 2014)

Key enhancements:

  • Versiv (TFS) 3,0 Build 6 support for DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro
  • Support for the FI-7000 FiberInspector
  • Support for IEC 61300-3-35 Automated fiber inspection analysis on the Versiv platform
  • Support for SmartLoop feature on OptiFiber Pro
  • Added menu item for importing from a USB stick (memory drive)
  • Remote storage ready - we are currently beta testing this feature with select customers

Bug fixes:

  • Wiremap in CSV output showing “9” for shield instead of “S” - fixed
  • Passing headroom shown in red on summary report - fixed
  • Reference data shown as 1/1/1970 on 10 fiber Multifiber Pro report - fixed
  • Insertion loss reported on non-existent pairs - fixed


LinkWare Version 8,2 (December 2013)

Key enhancements:

  • Registo eletrônico do produto
  • Versiv (TFS) 2,3 Suporte para DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro e OptiFiber Pro
  • Relatórios agilizados do MultiFiber Pro
  • Aviso do calibração necessária aumentado de 30 para 60 dias
  • Subitem do menu Opções “Formatação” mudado para “Configuração”

Bug fixes:

  • Incorrectly identifying valid and invalid fiber configurations when importing MultiFiber Pro records - fixed
  • Bidirectional OTDR event averaging ignoring 0 dB loss events - fixed
  • Device type for horizontal link record not showing on report - fixed
  • Edited end names not updated on EventMap - fixed
  • Bidirectional OTDR event averaging broken for EventMap - fixed
  • Incorrectly exporting records in recycle bin to csv file when using command line - fixed
  • DSP-4XXX Coax reports broken - fixed
  • DSX software versions window showing incorrect calibration date - fixed


LinkWare Version 8,1 (August 2013)

Key fixes and enhancements:

  • Added segment attenuation coefficient and setup parameters to OTDR reports
  • MultiFiber Pro reports used to show open fibers as 99,9 dB, now they simply show "Open"

Bug fixes:

  • 12 Fibers are not shown on one page when importing from a MultiFiber Pro - Fixed
  • Fiber CSV report data shifted 2 columns to the right
  • Documentation updatedd to 606-B from 606-A
  • OTDR traces are excessively thick on printed or pre-viewed reports - fixed


LinkWare Version 8,0 (June 2013)

New Support and features:

  • DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer support
  • CertiFiber Pro support
  • Hungarian and Turkish Languages added
  • Drag/Drop between open LinkWare file tabs
  • Versiv (TFS) Project Setup file read/write
  • Enhanced Fault Map drawing consistent with OptiFiber Pro
  • 3 new toolbar buttons for connected tester

Key fixes and enhancements:

  • Recertifying negative fiber loss results will change the outcome from a PASS to a FAIL
  • Better PDF graph quality
  • Press TAB key when viewing graphs to cycle through pairs
  • Name of Cable ID list downloading to Versiv unit now defaults to name of .ids file
  • OTDR Bidirectional Average Test headroom is blank in test list - fixed
  • Merging creates duplicate 606-B tree item - fixed
  • Restoring multiple records from recycle bin extremely slow - fixed
  • 2 Jumper showing as 1 Jumper in Japanese - Fixed
  • Remote adapter shows up wrong on printed report - fixed
  • Long file path causes File menu to split off screen - fixed
  • LinkWare crashes doing a OTDR bidirectional average on OptiFiber Pro result with only 1300nm - fixed
  • Customer complaint of inconsistent font on summary report - fixed
  • Fiber Merge fails to warn of inconsistent ChannelMap length - fixed
  • Open TST files without invoking Import UI
  • Invalid warning when merging DTX and Versiv records due to different IR values in respective spec databases - fixed 

Reported issues:

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