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Re-Certifying Test Results

The LinkWare PC re-certification feature lets you reevaluate existing test results against different test standards and NVP or IR values. The re-certification tool produces new test records that use the original cable IDs, but have new test times and dates.

You can recertify these types of results:

  • Twisted pair certification results that include plot data.
  • Fiber certification results that include loss and length measurements. This does not include OTDR results or results from SimpliFiber Pro or MultiFiber Pro meters.

Note: The names of some twisted pair measurements have changed in the IEEE standards.

To re-certify test results

  1. In LinkWare PC, Select the records you want to re-certify.
  2. Select Utilities > Re-Certify.
  3. Follow the instructions given in the Re-Certification dialog box.

LinkWare PC saves re-certified records as new records in the database and adds "(RC)" to the original cable ID.


Always check with your customer first for acceptance of re-certified results.

Some limits are not available for re-certify if the limit used during initial testing did not scan to the same frequency ranges. For example, you cannot re-certify a TIA Cat 6 Perm. Link (scans to 350 MHz) result to TIA Cat 6A Perm. Link (scans to 500MHz).  


Fiber Re-Certification to Custom Limits

In addition to the regular fiber certification limits, there is also a configurable Custom Limit you may use to re-certify fiber results to custom loss limits at each wavelength and custom length limits you specify.

You may configure each of the fields below the highlighted line to enter your custom limits.



When you press NEXT, LinkWare PC will evaluate the result and show Pass or Fail.  Click Finish to add the RC result to your project.

The time/date on the RC result reflects when the re-certify process occurred.

Author: Robert Pokorny

Creation Date: 2017-07-24

Last Modified: 2017-07-24

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