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Recertification is supported on the following instruments for copper testing only:

  • DSP-4100 Cableanalyzer
  • DSP-4300 CableAnalyzer
  • DTX-LT/1200/1800 CableAnalyzer
  • It is not supported for fiber optic loss or OTDR results.

Re-certification is a feature that allows the user to compare any saved Autotest against another test limit. This is typically used when the technician selects the wrong test limit.
There are limitations to this feature.

  • Most customers/cable vendors will not accept recertified results.
  • All records that have been re-certified will have (RC) in the Cable ID to clearly identify a Recertified result:  

  • Plot data must have been saved to the frequency you wish to recertify to.
    • If you run a Category 5e 100 MHz test on the DTX CableAnalyzer without selecting Extended Plot Data in the setup, you will not be able to recertify it to Category 6. Your data will be to 100 MHz only, Category 6 is a 250 MHz test.
    • The DSP-4100 and DSP-4300 CableAnalyzers always measure to 350 MHz regardless of the test limit. As long as the plot data has been saved, you will be able to recertify a Category 5e result to Category 6.
    • The DSP-4100 and DSP-4300 do not measure d.c. Loop Resistance when running a Category 5e or 6 Autotest. If you try and recertify these links to an ISO or EN standard, you will be presented with the following window:

      The ISO an EN standards have a d.c. Loop Resistance test limit, whereas the TIA standards do not. Without the d.c Loop Resistance data, the TIA results cannot be recertified to ISO or EN standards.

  • It is not valid to recertify a Permanent Link to a Channel (Software will alllow this though)
  • It is not valid to recertify a Channel to a Permanent Link. (Software will alllow this though)

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