Support for the DTX CableAnalyzer

Production for the DTX-1800, 1200, LT, ELT and CLT ended 30 de junho de 2015 after 11 years of production, including the associated fiber modules. Support in terms of accessories, repair and factory calibration will continue through June 2018, subject to component availability. Many components in the DTX are becoming "end of life" and sourcing alternatives is becoming an issue, so a decision had to be made. Since the launch of the Versiv platform in June 2013, customers have moved to the new Versiv platform in large numbers. In June 2015, Versiv outsold DTX by 7 to 1. If you own DTX CableAnalyzer(s), we thank you so much for your support over the years and hope to see you soon on the Versiv platform.

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