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DTX-PLA002PRP replacement tip



When you order the DTX-PLA002PRP you will get:


  • Tip x 2
  • Spring latch x 2
  • Conductive washer x 2
  • Screw x 2
  • Folha de instruções

This kit is used to replace the tips on DTX-PLA002 and DSX-PLA004 Permanent Link Adapters.

Note that the tips in the DTX-PLA002PRP kit will not work properly in the DSX-PLA804 adapters. For the DSX-PLA804 adapters, use the tips in the DSX-PLA804SPRP kit.

For details on how to replace the tips on DTX-PLA002 or DSX-PLA004 adapters, click here.
For details on how to replace the tips on DSX-PLA804 adapters, click here.

Informações adicionais
Using a printed circuit board design gives superior electrical consistency when compared to a traditionally terminated RJ45 plug.

Autor: Fluke Networks

Data de criação: 23-2-2014

Última alteração: 23-2-2014

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