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Managing Projects on Versiv

Each Versiv mainframe unit can store up to 100 projects. Subprojects configured in LinkWare Live count equally as projects towards that 100 project limit.


Where can I find information about a project on Versiv?

From the HOME screen, Tap on the Project Name, then Tap MANAGE -This will show

  • Project completion percentage
  • Exported (results) percentage
  • Number of test setups
  • Number of cable ID sets 
  • Number of passing and failing results.


The three buttons allow you to Rename the project, Copy the project as a template for a new project, or Delete a project and its results.



This delete method allows for deleting only one project at a time.

Make sure you export any results to LinkWare Live, USB flash drive, or LinkWare PC prior to deleting a project

Tapping Delete will bring up a dialog box to confirm the delete operation.

You may also Set up Projects in LinkWare Live and SYNC them to your Versiv tester.


How do I delete all Projects, test setups, and results from my tester?

Please...Make sure you back up your data before you to this!  You have been warned.

Resetting the DSX-5000, CertiFiber Pro & OptiFiber Pro to factory default



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