SYNC Projects with SubProjects

Versiv mainframes are capable of storing up to 100 Projects.

SubProjects configured in LinkWare are essentially projects within a Project, and they will count towards that 100 project limit.

For example, if my Project "TESTRP" contains 5 SubProjects, it counts as 6 projects when I SYNC Versiv to the Project TESTRP in my LinkWare Live Organization.

Accumulated project data and results stored on Versiv may impact your SYNC process at some point.

If you encounter trouble when doing SYNC from Versiv to LinkWare Live, and it is not pulling down all the Projects (including SubProjects) you expect, try clearing out completed projects in Versiv to free up space and/or changing the status of old Projects in LinkWare Live to Archive instead of Active, and try the SYNC process again.  Go to SETTINGS in the Project in LinkWare Live to change the status to Archive, and SAVE.

Back up your data and clear out old Project folders on your Versiv after jobs are completed.

We recommend deleting old projects from Versiv after SYNC is successful to LinkWare Live and the job is complete.

You can also connect Versiv to LinkWare PC via USB to import results or transfer results to a USB flash drive