Category 5e 350 MHz - DSX CableAnalyzer

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 5e is specified to 100 MHz only.

You may come across marketing information describing a Category 5e cable as being rated to 350 MHz. Unfortunately, this can end up in a test specification as a requirement. Since there is no test limit beyond 100 MHz, what are you supposed to do? In such cases, you may need to make the measurement to 350 MHz, but only apply the PASS/FAIL limits to 100 MHz per ANSI/TIA-568-C.2.

In the DTX CableAnalyzer, the user had to set the tester to Extended Plot Data to enable the test to run to 350 MHz.

With the DSX CableAnalyzer, we have reverted back to the original DSP-4x00 CableAnalyzer behavior, where all Category 5e/6 measurements are made to 350 MHz by default. There is no Extended Plot Data option to enable.

Here's a Category 5e NEXT measurement from a DSX CableAnalyzer. The red limit line stops at 100 MHz per the standard, but the measurement continues to 350 MHz.
        CableAnalyzer NEXT Measurement