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Release notes for Version 5,4 Build 1 - CertiFiber Pro


Versiv (TFS) Release Notes for Version 5,4 Build 1 (February 2018)

You must install LinkWare PC 9.9 before updating your Versiv (TFS) to Version 5,4 Build 1.

  1. New Features/Enhancements
  • Implemented loss budget calculator to simplify using the SYSTIMAX solutions from CommScope
  • Improvements to the LWL sync process to support project and sub-project
  1. Cable / Spec Database Change
  • Generic OM5 fiber
    • ​Added a generic OM5 fiber
  • CommScope cables and limits
    • Added LazrSPEED Wideband OM5 fiber
    • Added SYSTIMAX limits
  1. Bug Fix
  • Popup to set manual fiber grading not closed when DONE is pressed.

Versiv (TFS) Release Notes for Version 5,1 Build 4 (May, 2017)

New Features/Enhancements

  • New status of “Acceptable” for Category 6A patch cord tests
  • Ability to update software from LinkWare Live when the incompatible versions message is displayed
  • Support for the use of the DSX-PLA001 adapter on the DSX-8000 module

Cable / Spec Database Change

  • EL-3600 limits--Updated to match latest revision (version 9) from the Taiwan standards body
  • IEC 61300-3-35 2nd Edition--Added fiber limits per the specification
  • TIA-568.3-D

Updated to account for standard grade TRC's

  • Patch Cord Limits

Added >20m TIA C6A cord Limits 
Added >20m ISO Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A patch cord Limits 

  • TIA MPTL Limits - Modular Plug Terminated Links--Implemented limits for the new topology introduced in TIA- 568.2-D (Draft) Standard
  • GB50312 - China National Standard--Updated the limits to the newest versionAdded Huawei Cat5e Channel limits
  • Added Belden’s 4K UHD Media Cable Channel limits
  • Added Extron Limits
  • Added Alcadon ECS copper cables

​Bug Fixes

  • Talk does not work using the coax adapter or when using the Main as Smart Remote
  • The Versiv  / LinkWareLive sync slowed down considerably with version V5.0
  • LinkWare Live sync generates error when trying to overwrite a random label set with > 1300 ID’s
  • Corrected Japanese translations
  • Aborting OTDR test occasionally hangs then reboots the tester


Please ensure you install LinkWare PC 9.7 before updating your Versiv (TFS) to Version 5,0 Build 3.

Changes to DSX Cable Analyzer Version 5,0 Build 3 (January 2017)

1.  New Features/Enhancements

  • Reminder to update remote unit when a software update is installed on the main
  • Ability to set launch compensation from the home screen

​2.  Cable  / Spec Database Change

  • Corning Optical Communications
  • Changed name that is listed under ‘manufacturers’

Custom CertiFiber Pro® Test Limit

  • Default fiber loss @ 850 nm changed from 3,5 dB/km to 3,0 dB/km
  • Multimode Test Cord Attenuation Allowance (dB) = 0,30 dB
    • Limit calculation for first two adapters declared will be at 0,30 dB each; additional adapter(s) at 0,75 dB
  • Singlemode Test Cord Attenuation Allowance (dB) = 0,50 dB
    • Limit calculation for first two adapters declared will be at 0,50 dB each; each additional adapter(s) at 0,75 dB

      ​​​Explanation:  TIA‐568.3‐D Test Limits updated to to conform with ANSI/TIA-526-7 and ANSI/TIA-526-14 recommendation to use reference-grade terminations on test cords to reduce uncertainty and improve the reproducibility of measurements.  Reference-grade terminations result in lower loss than standard-grade terminations.  Reference-grade termination to standard-grade termination loss allowances for multimode are 0,30 dB, and 0,50 dB for singlemode.  Standard-grade termination to standard-grade termination loss allowances for both multimode and singlemode are 0,75 dB.  Fluke Networks' Test Reference Cords (TRCs) use reference-grade terminations.  

3. Correções de bugs

  • Reflectance value for APC is now reported as less than the minimum detectable reflectance value rather than “NA”
  • FAIL LED no longer flashes during software update on remote unit
  • Corrected German translation

Changes to DSX CableAnalyzer Version 4,8 Build 1 (June 2016)

1. Correções de bugs

  • For DSX patch cord adapters only, Return Loss measurement issue reported - fixed

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,7 Build 4 (June 2016)

1. New features/enhancements

  • Button on FiberInspector probe now active
    • Press it once to automatically bring up the image of the connector end face
    • Press it once more to freeze the image
  • SYNC button for LinkWare Live added to HOME screen
    • Once results are sent to LinkWare Live, you can import them into LinkWare PC
    • In LinkWare PC, they appear the same as if you had connected via a USB cable
  • Manual Entry on launch compensation screen now has “(APC)” next to it
    • If testing links with APC connectors, you should use Manual Entry for launch compensation
    • When the first and/or last events have no measurable reflectance and the loss is below the event threshold set, OptiFiber Pro will add a virtual event at those locations, - but only if Manual Entry launch compensation was used 

2. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Default OptiFiber Pro test limit now “General Fiber RL = 35 dB”
  • TIA-568.3-D updated, Fiber loss @ 850 nm changed from 3,5 dB/km to 3,0 dB/km
  • JIS X5150:2016 added, JIS X5150:2004 kept for legacy testing           ​

3. Correções de bugs

  • Pinch and zoom can result in the “Asset Tracking Is On” screen appearing – fixed
  • Remote TEST LED continues to blink after cancelling a CertiFiber Pro test – fixed
  • When deleting all results, if there is more than 1250 results, not all results are deleted – fixed
  • Incorrect display of End 1 and End 2 in some languages – fixed

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,6 Build 2 (March 2016)

1. New features/enhancements

  • ​Icon added to top of the screen, notifying the user if asset tracking (location of upload) has been turned on in LinkWare Live
  • New terms of agreement added for LinkWare Live when logging in for the first time

2. Correções de bugs

  • Manual grading of FiberInspector would cause the unit to crash when saving the result - fixed

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,5 Build 2 (January 2016)

1. New features/enhancements

  • ​Remembers the last 10 Wi-Fi networks and their passwords
  • You can now associate an e-mail address (LinkWare Live user name) with an operator name
  • Location of where Versiv was last connected to LinkWare Live (Cloud Service)
    • Will be enabled in February 2016 (there will be an option to disable this in your account)
  • When deleting results, you will now be advised if they have not been exported 

2. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Updated test limits:
    • TIA C-series fiber test limits updated to the D-series
      • TIA-568-C Multimode becomes TIA-568.3-D Multimode
      • TIA-568-C Singlemode ISP becomes TIA-568.3-D Singlemode ISP
      • TIA-568-C Singlemode OSP becomes TIA-568.3-D Singlemode OSP
      • OS2 fiber loss changes from 0,5 dB/km to 0,4 dB/km for TIA-568.3-D Singlemode OSP
    • EN50173
      • Added EN50173 OF-5000 Channel
      • Added EN50173 OF-10000 Channel
    • Updated length limit for EN50173 Fiber Optic Link with OS2 fiber to 10.000 m 
  • Added/Updated cable types:
    • DNS twisted pair cables from LANSYST added
    • RdB twisted pair cables updated              

3. Correções de bugs

  • ​Green pass light on remote now goes out when disconnecting from main unit
  • In far end source mode, the summary window now displays loss if ANSI/TIA-568.3-D limit is used
  • Various translation fixes

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,3 Build 6 (September 2015)

1. New features/enhancements

  • Main unit can be turned into a remote unit (under the TOOLS menu) – allows FiberInspector at far end to be used
  • Automated software updates via LinkWare Live for future releases
  • Increase Cable ID sets from 20 to 50
  • Support for Unicode characters in Cable IDs
  • Add the ability to show password when logging into LinkWare Live
  • Screen resumes quicker after going to sleep


2. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Updated test limits:
    • Add 40GBASE-ER4 noting that it has a minimum and well as maximum loss value
  • Added cable types:
    • DIGITUS Professional
    • Leviton – Outside US
    • Maxaam
  • Updated cable types:
    • Belden 
    • Berk-Tek
    • Excel

3. Correções de bugs

  • Cable IDs lists created in LinkWare using extended characters would result in a failed import to Versiv - fixed
  • Re-test on fiber bi-directional could point to the incorrect fiber for resaving - fixed
  • Battery status may show a depleted battery when the battery still has plenty of charge (rare occurrence) – fixed
  • Unplugging the USB camera after the manual grading visual quality box is displayed causes a crash – fixed
  • Removing the CertiFiber Pro during the 3 sec. fiber test and re-inserting it issues a requires service message – fixed
  • Blank select wireless list using Asus N10 Nano Wi-Fi adapter – fixed
  • After successful URL redirect when connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, user was presented with “3,0” – fixed
  • Various translation fixes

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,2 Build 6 (April 2015)

1. Bug fix

  • Customers updating from Version 2,1 Build 5 (August 2013) or earlier had problems with their fiber modules firmware being updated with Build 5. Build 6 resolves that issue. There are no other changes between Build 5 and Build 6. For customers who keep their units current, there is no issue.

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,2 Build 5 (April 2015)

1. New features/enhancements

  • Automated IEC 61300‐3‐35 FiberInspector test time now ≈ 1 second
  • Support for additional Wi‐Fi USB adapters:
    • TP‐LINK TL‐WN725N (Versions 1 & 2)
    • USB ASUS N10 Nano
    • NETGEAR WNA1000M
  • Wi‐Fi user‐access support (URL redirection and HTTP authentication)
  • Enhance network connectivity screens:
    • Access point strength
    • Locked and unlocked access points now displayed
    • MAC address of both RJ45 management Port and Wi‐Fi USB adapters
    • Improvement to the WEP configuration screen
  • Improved calibration reminders:
    • The initial calibration reminder for a module shipped from the factory will be one year after first use, but no more than 18‐months after the manufactured date in LinkWare PC Version 9,3.

2. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Updated test limits:
    • ISO/IEC 14763‐3:2014, where the singlemode connection pair changed from 0,65 dB to 0,75 dB, per the published corrigendum dated 2015‐03‐23. The 3 Jumper Reference option has been temporarily disabled. The 2014 version of this standard changed the methodology for a 3 Jumper Reference. This will be resolved in a future software update.
    • 100GBASE‐SR4
    • Added cable types:
    • Linxcom Limited LAN Cables
  • Changed names:
    • Spezialkabel München becomes SKM Skyline

3. Correções de bugs

  • Various translation fixes
  • Loopback 2 Jumper Reference Wizard incorrect ‐ fixed

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,1 Build 2 (March 2015)

1. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • ISO/IEC 14763-3:2014 updated

Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 4,0 Build 3 (November 2014)

1. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Added test limits
    • ISO/IEC 14763-3:2014
    • Fibre Channel 1600-M5-SN-S
    • Fibre Channel 1600-M5E-SN-I
    • Fibre Channel 1600-M5F-SN-I
    • Fibre Channel 400-M5F-SN-I
    • Fibre Channel 800-M5-SN-S
    • Fibre Channel 800-M5E-SN-I
    • Fibre Channel 800-M5F-SN-I
  • Added cable types

Are you a manufacturer wanting to add your cables to the DSX/CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro? Click here for details.


2. Novos recursos

  • Improved upload speed for LinkWare Live
  • Moved the @ symbol to the front of keyboard
  • Added # and + to the keyboard
  • Project Sync ready for LinkWare Live Professional (Jan 2015)


3. Correções de bugs

  • Various translation fixes
  • No valid DNS would result in “LinkWare Live not available”, now results in “Error, please connect to an active network”
  • Could not cancel large transfers to LinkWare Live – fixed
  • Sequential IDs longer than 30 characters indicate ID not in list – fixed



Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 3.0 Build 6 (May 2014)

1. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Added cable types
    • CCT Premise

Are you a manufacturer wanting to add your cables to the DSX/CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro? Click here for details.


2. Novos recursos

  • Automated Fiber Inspection Analysis to IEC 61300-3-35
  • Warns user if results have not been exported if they try and delete them
  • Remote storage*
    • To enable beta testing, we have added this option to both Versiv and LinkWare.
      ****Remote storage will currently work for select beta customers only****
  • Improved pinch and zoom


3. Correções de bugs

  • Various translation fixes
  • Incorrect error message when setting a reference on CertiFiber Pro if a wavelength is not present – fixed
  • Product registration database in Versiv could not handle more than 100 modules – fixed
  • Currently selected test may not be visible on CHANGE TEST window – fixed
  • Module hardware version is not shown on Version Information screen – fixed
  • Results screen is not updated when importing results back in from a USB Drive – fixed
  • After Importing results from USB Drive, tapping MANAGE  button on Results screen does nothing – fixed
  • On the View All screen, the TRANSFER button did not give an audible click – fixed
  • Cable ID pop-up message stating that an ID entered that is not in list when greater than 30 characters – fixed
  • Importing a new project from a USB Drive is not shown until you refresh the screen - fixed


Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 2,3 Build 2 (December 2013)
1. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Added cable types
    • KEline
    • Eurolan cable
      Are you a manufacturer wanting to add your cables to the DSX/CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro? Click here for details.

2. Novos recursos

  • Product Registration support (via LinkWare 8,2).
  • Re factoring of the multi-ID support in the UI.
  • Increase delay for the auto triggering of the second half of a Bi-directional OLTS test when general, ST or FC connector types are used.


3. Correções de bugs

  • Incorrect Russian Translations - fixed
  • OTDR bidirectional averaging not averaging non-aligned events - fixed
  • No indication when the Bi-directional switch over is to take place on the Smart Remote LEDs - fixed



Changes to CertiFiber Pro Version 2,1 Build 5 (August 2013)
1. Cable / Spec Database Change

  • Added to cable library
    • R&M 
  • Updated cable library
  • Nexans
    Are you a manufacturer wanting to add your cables to the DSX/CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro? Click here for details.

2. Novos recursos

  • Added Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish languages
  • Index of refraction shown in test results


3. Correções de bugs

  • Various language translation issues
  • Incorrect warning about wrong fiber type on power meter measurements fixed 
  • View reference screen showed incorrect values, correct values were recorded though - fixed
  • Power Meter min/max screen remained when pressing module button - fixed


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