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An Exception to Every Rule

An Exception to Every Rule

You’re watching a baseball game, the batter hits a fair infield fly ball, and the umpire calls the batter out even though the ball isn’t caught.

You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s not the rule.” But in fact, if the umpire judges that the ball “can” be caught by an infielder with runners on first and second base (or bases loaded) and there’s less than two outs, it’s considered an “infield fly” and the batter is out to prevent a double or triple play. 

28 de novembro de 2018

Mais um ano de agradecimentos!

It’s that time of year again to give thanks! We are thankful for market growth continuing to be fueled by the IoT and Big Data, and for all the noteworthy standards ratifications that happened this year. We also wanted to take a minute to let all of our Cabling Chronicles blog fans know just how thankful we are that you continue to read our blog. We are committed to providing you with expert, valuable information to keep you informed about what's new in the world of cabling, testing and standards. 

20 de novembro de 2018

Get to know Lengthonomics

This is a guest blog from Carrie Goetz (D.MCO, RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS, 1st Degree IM) who is the Global Technology Director Paige DataCom Solutions.

13 de novembro de 2018

Get to know Lengthonomics

This is a guest blog from Carrie Goetz (D.MCO, RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS, 1st Degree IM) who is the Global Technology Director Paige DataCom Solutions.

13 de novembro de 2018

Os recursos da Versão 6,0 trazem benefícios para os usuários novos e os usuários antigos do OptiFiber Pro

You’ve probably heard of the new OptiFiber Pro HDR models we recently introduced, which are designed for OSP and PON applications.  However, there are a number of new features now available as part of this launch that work in both the current OptiFiber Pro as well as the new HDR models.  In fact, these new features can be added to any existing OptiFiber Pro at no charge through a simple upgrade.  Let’s check out these new capabilities.

6 de novembro de 2018

Novos módulos OptiFiber Pro de alto alcance dinâmico para instalações externas e redes ópticas passivas

Com o novo Reflectômetro Óptico no Domínio do Tempo da Fluke Networks, o OptiFiber® Pro High Dynamic Range (HDR), a Versiv se torna uma solução única para aplicações que vão desde FTTx, PON e datacenters até cabeamento estruturado classificado por categorias. Since Versiv users report that its efficient and familiar interface cuts costs by 65% when testing, certifying and maintaining copper and fiber network installations, it’s clear why they’d want to apply the same savings to outside plant jobs as well.

31 de outubro de 2018

É essa época do ano outra vez - cuidado com os fantasmas e as zonas inoperantes!

There’s a chill in the air, leaves are falling and it’s time for all things spooky. So we thought that in the spirit of Halloween, we would post this blog again that takes a look at two of the most confusing (and perhaps scariest) OTDR events--ghosts and dead zones.

24 de outubro de 2018

Como a Ethernet industrial está?

Devido à sua confiabilidade, desempenho e interoperabilidade inerentes, a Ethernet se infiltrou pelo chão de fábrica como o protocolo de comunicação preferencial para sistemas de automação e controle. Neste ano, a Ethernet Industrial ultrapassou a participação de mercado de protocolos tradicionais de fieldbus, que normalmente exigem várias plantas de cabeamento separadas e proprietárias. 

18 de outubro de 2018

Série 101: O que é um conector APC e como faço para testá-lo?

The singlemode fiber connectors you likely encounter the most feature a blue connector body, but if you’re working with any passive optical networks (PONs), carrier networks or large cloud/colo or hyperscale data centers, you may encounter singlemode fiber connectors with a green connector body – and these green connectors are growing in popularity.

11 de outubro de 2018

Type 3 and Type 4 are Here!

Last week the IEEE 802.3bt standard for Type 3 and Type 4 PoE was finally ratified! While we’ve been talking about these higher levels of PoE for quite some time, now that they are finally an approved standard, we thought it was a good time to clear the air on PoE types, classes, and certification, as well as provide a refresher on our specialty—testing.

4 de outubro de 2018