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Fluke Networks anuncia procedimento para testar módulos de tonalizador IntellitoneTM

14 de janeiro de 2017

Fluke Networks Announces Procedure to Test IntellitoneTM Toner Modules

Everett, WA, January 16, 2017 –Fluke Networks has identified a problem with some IntelliTone Toner models shipped with the IntelliTone Kit (MT-8200-60-KIT) and the stand alone Toner module (MT-8200-61-TNR). The problem results in a weak digital tone signal that is too low for the IntelliTone probe to detect.  The problem tends to appear when the customer first uses the toner.  Note that this is problem is restricted to the Toner module. The IntelliTone probe, MicroScanner and CIQ Kits that include the IntelliTone probe are not affected.

The low signal may affect some units shipped between September and December 2016. Customers who suspect they have a weak tone can test their units by following the procedure at the Knowledge Base article below:


Customers experiencing this problem should contact the Fluke Networks Technical Assistance Center or a Service Center in order to resolve the issue.

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