How do I set Reference with the SimpliFiber?

This article will explain how to set reference with the Simplifiber and why it is important that it is set properly to accurately test your fiber.
Simplifiber requires the reference value to compensate for the signal loss in the launch cable; this value is then automatically subtracted from the actual loss of the cable under test.
The recognized method for setting reference is ANSI/TIA/EIA method B (for Multimode fiber) or A.1 (for Singlemode fiber).
Setting Reference Method B or A.1
          Connect one end of the launch cable to the Simplifiber Meter and the other end to the Simplifiber Source (850/1300, 1310 or 1550).

          Power on the Simplifiber Source and press the Auto button.
          To choose the appropriate wavelength on the Multimode Source, press the l button.
          Power on the Simplifiber Meter. The unit will auto-sense the appropriate wavelength (850, 1300, 130 or 1550 nm).
          To save the Reference, press and hold the Ref/Shift button on the Simplifiber Meter until it reads zero (0,00).
Testing With the Simplifiber
          Once reference is set, do not remove the launch cable from the Simplifiber Source.
          Disconnect the launch cable from the Simplifiber Meter and attach another launch cable to the meter to be able to test the installed fiber.

          Connect the units to the fiber to be tested.
          The Simplifiber will display the loss reading for the installed fiber