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Converting a Microtest CMS database so it can be opened in Scanlink

To convert a Microtest CMS database, you will need to have both the CMS program and Scanlink. To begin, open the CMS program and then open the database that is to be converted.
Opened Microtest CMS Database
Select File and then Export and Export to CSV.
Highlighted Export to CSV Option in Microtest CMS
Name the file and save it in a directory on the computers hard drive (i.e. My Documents). Once this is done, close the CMS program.
Save Exported CSV File in Directory
Go to the Windows Explorer and go to the Scanlink Directory.
Scanlink Directory
Find the file CMSCONV.EXE and double click on it to start the conversion program. Click on the Change button to select the file to convert.
Covert button in Microtest CMS Conversion Program 

Browse to the location of the file that was exported from the CMS program. Select the file and click OK.
Exported CSV File Selection 

Click on the Convert button Convert Button. This will convert the .csv file to a .dat file that can be opened in Scanlink.
CSV to Dat File Conversion 

Conversion Successful Message
The file can now be opened in Scanlink.

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