Updating the OptiFiber to V 2.6.4 via the USB or Serial Port

Before you start, the Technical Assistance Center and Service Centers would ask that you : 
  • Install LinkWare 9,9 on your PC.
  • Ensure the OptiFiber has power connected to it.  
  • Insert the multi or singlemode module (it is updated as well)
  • Then download the update file upgrade_2_6_4.ofu
    When downloading the update file, you will be prompted to save it to disk.
    When you save it to your PC, change the "File type" in the download box to "All files".
  • It is recommended to connect the external power supply to the OptiFiber during the update process. Power loss during the update process may require the unit to be return to a Fluke authorized service center.  If you should lose power during the update process, please try using the rescue disk procedure first.

Open LinkWare 9,9
Click on Utilities > OptiFiber > Software Update 

             LinkWAre Software Update for OptiFiber
Locate and select the upgrade.ofu file; then click Open.

Software Update Window

Installing multiple languages will reduce the internal memory capacity of the OptiFiber, due to the associated help files.
OptiFiber reboots after the mainframe update is complete.

Informações adicionais

If a non updated module is now inserted, you will see: 

 OptiFiber Module Update Message


Updating the OptiFiber Module

Click on Utilities > OptiFiber > Software Update 

             LinkWare Software Update Option

This time you will see: 

Current Software Version Screen

Click on Start to begin the update process.
OptiFiber reboots after the update is complete.

To verify the update, press F1 Version Info from the HOME screen.

Updated Software Version Screen