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Set Launch Fiber Compensation - OptiFiber

On the HOME screen, press F1 Change Test; then select Auto OTDR.
Press FUNCTIONS; then select Set Launch Fiber Compensation.
On the SET LAUNCH METHOD SCREEN, select a compensation method:

Launch Only
Lets you compensate for a launch fiber. Connect the launch fiber as shown below:

Launch + Receive
Lets you compensate for a launch and a receive fiber. Connect the launch and receive fibers as shown below:

Launch + Fiber + Receive
Lets you compensate for a launch and receive fiber if you have forgotten to do so before the receive fiber was taken to the other end of the cabling. Connect the launch cable and receive fibers to the cabling as shown below:

Choose settings for the fiber to be tested.
Set the following on the Cable tab: 
  • FIBER TYPE: Select the fiber type to be tested
  • MANUAL SETTING FOR n (index of refraction). Disable to use the values defined in the selected fiber type, which are suitable for most applications.
Configure the OTDR test by pressing SETUP.
Select the following on the OTDR tab: 
  • TEST LIMIT: Select an appropriate limit.
  • WAVELENGTH: Select one or both wavelengths.
  • LAUNCH COMPENSATION: Enable if you want to use the launch fiber compensation settings.
Clean all connectors that will be used.
Connect the testers OTDR port to the cabling, as shown in the figures previously.
Press TEST to start the OTDR test.
For bi-directional testing, do the following:
  • Set THIS END to END 1 on the Job tab in Setup.
  • Test all the cabling from END 1.
  • Change THIS END to END 2; then test all the cabling from the other end.
  • Save the results with the same fiber IDs as results from the first test direction.

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