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OptiFiber Smart Remote Option

OptiFiber offers an OTDR module that integrates both OTDR certification and loss/length certification. Link certification requires compatible test equipment at both ends of the link under test; OptiFiber Smart Remote options provide just what you need to meet this requirement at a third of the price of previous options.

If you are an existing OptiFiber owner, you will need the loss/length module and at least Version 1.66 Software. These are easily identifiable because they have three ports on them. There is the OTDR port, the output port and the input port. Examples are shown below: 

With OptiFiber Smart Remote options, you can:
  • Test two fibers at a time, each at two wavelengths, measure insertion loss and length
  • Double productivity by using dual-wavelength testing
  • Measure fiber length with the time of flight technique
  • Compare the results to a built-in test standard or a user-defined test limit
  • Perform bi-directional testing without having to swap main and remote test equipment
  • Quickly illuminate the location of fiber breaks, pinches, and tight bends using the built in VFL (Visual Fault Locator)
  • Quickly save all fiber link data with LinkWare Cable Test Management Software

Autor: Adrian Young

Creation Date: 2014-04-03

Last Modified: 2014-04-03

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