Looking for Upgrade... OptiFiber

This article details how to repair an OptiFiber that lost power while doing an upgrade from LinkWare and will not reboot.

This procedure should repair an OptiFiber which is exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • After displaying the Fluke Networks splash screen, the "Installing System Update" screen is displayed, with the text "Looking for Upgrade..." displayed above the top progress bar.

You will need a memory card reader and a memory card.  

Download rescue.exe (3MB)and when prompted, click on Run. You will see:

Click on Browse and select the memory card reader which is typically identified as "Removable Disk":

Click OK and then click on Unzip. This will unzip three files to your memory card.

Turn on OptiFiber so that the "Installing System Update" screen is displayed. Make sure the AC adaptor is plugged into OptiFiber so that it does not lose power during the update.

Insert the MMC card you created into OptiFiber. It should copy the MMC card and start an update. When it has completed the update, it will reboot with an old 1.6.3 OptiFiber firmware. Go ahead and repeat the update process again with the latest firmware.

If it does not work?
The OptiFiber will have to be sent to a Fluke Networks Service Center for repair.