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Release Notes for LinkWare Version PC 9.x

LinkWare PC 9,5 allows the downloading and merging of results from these devices:

* No service or repair available for these testers due to components being obsolete.

LinkWare Version 9,5 (January 2016)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for Versiv 4,5 release (new OTDR result format)
    • Bi-directional Averaged OTDR Test with OptiFiber Pro
  • Allow user to import MultiFiber Pro results named with any sequence of cable IDs
  • Allow user to import from a network share by entering the UNC path 
  • Remote calibration date now printing on Report
  • Allow user to manually enter length for MultiFiber Pro and SimpliFiber Pro results
  • Display OLTS length-based limit calculations for CertiFiber Pro and recertified loss results
  • Updated USB drivers - Windows XP no longer supported

Bug fixes:

  • Text "Resistance Unbalance" incorrectly displayed - fixed
  • Text "Bidirectional" should be "Bi-directional" - fixed 
  • "Ghost Source" translated incorrectly in Simplified Chinese - fixed
  • Text "SmartLoop" displayed incorrectly in English - fixed
  • Incorrectly displaying the same limit on all pairs for Resistance Unbalance and Resistance P2P - fixed

LinkWare Version 9,4 (September 2015)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for Versiv 4,3 Build 6(new result format)
    • New Resistance Unbalance between pairs measurement
    • Custom outlet configurations
  • Support for Cable ID lists using non-Latin characters
  • Auto software updating – no longer directed to Fluke Networks to download updates manually
  • Support for MultiFiber Pro enhanced calibration date based on first use date
  • Export OTDR results in CSV format (for traces with 15 or less events)

Cable.Spec Database Change

  • Updated test limit database for recertification of test results

Bug fixes:

  • Failing CertiFiber Pro negative loss not reported as worst loss - fixed
  • Manual Entry setting for OptiFiber Pro appears as Launch + Tail - fixed
  • Passing Tail event shown as failing on EventMap - fixed
  • Rounding error on length value in record list - fixed
  • Incorrect cable type on imported 10 fiber count MultiFiber Pro results - fixed
  • Manual SmartLoop OTDR test showing as Auto - fixed
  • Japanese text for ‘Compliant Network Standards’ is incorrect - fixed
  • Japanese text for ‘Re-Certify’ is incorrect - fixed
  • End threshold mode incorrect on OTDR report  - fixed
  • Unable to import results with Cable IDs containing many Asian characters - fixed
  • Fiber Inspector Custom Limit shown incorrectly - fixed
  • LinkWare gets exception when clicking on LinkWare Live icon - fixed


LinkWare Version 9,3 (April 2015)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for DSX-5000, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro and FI7000 Version 4,2 Build 5
  • Updated cable library
  • Updated recertification wizard limits
  • Calibration date based on first use date

Bug fixes:

  • LinkWare PC would crash when importing more than 2.000 DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer Reports


LinkWare Version 9,2 (March 2015)

Key enhancements:

  • Support for DTX Version 2,77
  • Updated cable library
  • Updated recertification wizard limits
  • Now called LinkWare PC

Bug fixes:

  • Checks to see if your Versiv can be supported for this Version of LinkWare PC


LinkWare Version 9,1 (November 2014)

Key enhancements:

  • Versiv (TFS) 4,0 Build 3 support for DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro and FI-7000
  • Support for the following adapters
  • Support for new adapters (Available Dec 2014):
    • DSX-CHA003 COAX
    • DSX-CHA021 M12 D-Code
    • DSX-CHA012 GG45
  • Added LinkWare Live icons
  • Versiv (TFS) registration now runs in the background
  • Negative loss warning removed when bi-directional averaging is implemented
  • Download multiple projects in one go from LinkWare Live
  • Cable ID creation utility allows any characters
  • Registration check runs in the background

Bug fixes:

  • Patch cord reports show worst case values in remote column for DTX – fixed
  • File sub menus cut off when last used file has a long name - fixed


LinkWare Version 9.0 (May 2014)

Key enhancements:

  • Versiv (TFS) 3,0 Build 6 support for DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro
  • Support for the FI-7000 FiberInspector
  • Support for IEC 61300-3-35 Automated fiber inspection analysis on the Versiv platform
  • Support for SmartLoop feature on OptiFiber Pro
  • Added menu item for importing from a USB stick (memory drive)
  • Remote storage ready - we are currently beta testing this feature with select customers

Bug fixes:

  • Wiremap in CSV output showing “9” for shield instead of “S” - fixed
  • Passing headroom shown in red on summary report - fixed
  • Reference data shown as 1/1/1970 on 10 fiber Multifiber Pro report - fixed
  • Insertion loss reported on non-existent pairs - fixed


LinkWare Version 8,2 (December 2013)

Key enhancements:

  • Registo eletrônico do produto
  • Versiv (TFS) 2,3 Suporte para DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro e OptiFiber Pro
  • Relatórios agilizados do MultiFiber Pro
  • Aviso do calibração necessária aumentado de 30 para 60 dias
  • Subitem do menu Opções “Formatação” mudado para “Configuração”

Bug fixes:

  • Incorrectly identifying valid and invalid fiber configurations when importing MultiFiber Pro records - fixed
  • Bidirectional OTDR event averaging ignoring 0 dB loss events - fixed
  • Device type for horizontal link record not showing on report - fixed
  • Edited end names not updated on EventMap - fixed
  • Bidirectional OTDR event averaging broken for EventMap - fixed
  • Incorrectly exporting records in recycle bin to csv file when using command line - fixed
  • DSP-4XXX Coax reports broken - fixed
  • DSX software versions window showing incorrect calibration date - fixed


LinkWare Version 8,1 (August 2013)

Key fixes and enhancements:

  • Added segment attenuation coefficient and setup parameters to OTDR reports
  • MultiFiber Pro reports used to show open fibers as 99,9 dB, now they simply show "Open"

Bug fixes:

  • 12 Fibers are not shown on one page when importing from a MultiFiber Pro - Fixed
  • Fiber CSV report data shifted 2 columns to the right
  • Documentation updatedd to 606-B from 606-A
  • OTDR traces are excessively thick on printed or pre-viewed reports - fixed


LinkWare Version 8,0 (June 2013)

New Support and features:

  • DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer support
  • CertiFiber Pro support
  • Hungarian and Turkish Languages added
  • Drag/Drop between open LinkWare file tabs
  • Versiv (TFS) Project Setup file read/write
  • Enhanced Fault Map drawing consistent with OptiFiber Pro
  • 3 new toolbar buttons for connected tester

Key fixes and enhancements:

  • Recertifying negative fiber loss results will change the outcome from a PASS to a FAIL
  • Better PDF graph quality
  • Press TAB key when viewing graphs to cycle through pairs
  • Name of Cable ID list downloading to Versiv unit now defaults to name of .ids file
  • OTDR Bidirectional Average Test headroom is blank in test list - fixed
  • Merging creates duplicate 606-B tree item - fixed
  • Restoring multiple records from recycle bin extremely slow - fixed
  • 2 Jumper showing as 1 Jumper in Japanese - Fixed
  • Remote adapter shows up wrong on printed report - fixed
  • Long file path causes File menu to split off screen - fixed
  • LinkWare crashes doing a OTDR bidirectional average on OptiFiber Pro result with only 1300nm - fixed
  • Customer complaint of inconsistent font on summary report - fixed
  • Fiber Merge fails to warn of inconsistent ChannelMap length - fixed
  • Open TST files without invoking Import UI
  • Invalid warning when merging DTX and Versiv records due to different IR values in respective spec databases - fixed 

Reported issues:

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