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How do you rename an Entity on the NetTest?

Typically you want to rename the Entity to backup your test result data prior to downloading (or merging) new data. The following steps show you how to rename your existing DaVaR Entity.

  1. Click the Utilities button located on the DaVaR toolbar.
  2. Click on the Entity Wizard button.
  3. For a cross-box select Create Cross-box. For a Cable select Create Cable. This will bring up the Create New cross-box or Cable window.
  4. To Rename the Entity, Select the entity name in the Cable Directory Name field. Then click on the edit button across from the Cable Directory Name field.
  5. When you click on the Edit button, this will open the Edit window. Type in the name you wish to change the Entity to.
  6. Then click on the save button.
  7. You can rename the Wire Center following the same steps. Select your wire center name in the wire center name field and click the Edit button that is directly across from the Wire Name. Enter the new WC Name and click Save.
NOTA: It is important to understand that if the WC and/or Entity Name does not match the one created on the DaVaR NetServer then the NetServer Operators might not be able to locate your test result data once you have uploaded your results.

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