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Virus susceptibility - DTX-NSM

Is the DTX-NSM susceptible to a virus?
For all practical purposes no. Viruses are written on a general platform so as to affect a great number of hosts. They are also written to propagate quickly and widely, without much user interaction. Since the DTX-NSM does not have a user-accessible operating system, there is no way for viruses to access it. The DTX-NSM code cannot be infected through updating it.
However, caution should be used when using Multi Media Cards (this is a general warning not specific to Fluke Networks testers and includes other devices such as MP3 Players). The cards contain a boot sector similar to that of a computer hard disk, which is where many viruses can be found. It goes without saying that ALL computers should contain a virus-checking program and the .dat files should be updated weekly.
If a computer contains a virus, inserting the Multi Media Card into the reader may contaminate that particular Multi Media Card. Consequently, all computers that use this card may be infected.

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Data de criação: 21-2-2014

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