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Method B (Adapted) Reference - DSP FTA Series

A simple adaptation to Method B allows us to retain the accuracy (every measurement includes the cable and both connectors) but avoid the major disadvantages associated with Method B.
The referencing procedure for this adaptation is performed using 2 patch cords and an adapter connector per fiber link to be tested (See below). However, the test procedure is new, and is depicted in 3).
The test procedure includes the addition of a short test jumper with a connector so that the test results will now be the same as the test results obtained with Method B. Just like Method B, the results contain the loss for the fiber cable plus the connectors on BOTH ends.
1) Setting the reference:

DSP FTA Reference Setting


2) Once the reference has been set, disconnect the patch cords in the middle and add a known good short jumper lead to each fiber, as shown below:

Adding Good Short Jumper Lead to Fiber

3) Connect to the fiber link to be tested:

Fiber Link Test Connection

The adapter count in the DSP in this case should be 2; there are two adapters per fiber ADDED AFTER the reference was set.
Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How many adapters were used in the reference per fiber? 1 
  • How many adapters are there in the link under test? 3 
So the adapter count is 3 - 1 = 2 

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