Discover Mode - Active Ethernet Port - CableIQ

In Discover mode, CableIQ can display important information about an active Ethernet port, such as a network hub, switch, or NIC.

CableIQ display while Discovering an active Ethernet port


  • Speed of the port: CableIQ shows the connection speed capability that the port advertises. All advertised speed capabilities are shown for ports with multiple capabilities.

  • 1000BASET /NP: This is displayed when the Next Page flag is detected in the ports broadcast. This usually indicates that the port can communicate with 1000BASE-T capabilities, 1000 megabits per second, but certain manufacturers ports that broadcast the NP flag are not capable of 1000BASE-T.

  • 100BASETX and/or 10BASET: These are displayed if the port advertises that it can communicate at 100base-TX and/or 10base-T speeds.

  • FDX: This is displayed for 100BASE-TX or 10base-T if the port can transmit and receive at the same time.

  • Direction: CableIQ shows direction arrows on the connected pairs. These arrows indicate whether the pair is transmit, receive, or auto-MDIX. Auto-MDIX ports sense the connected device and set themselves to transmit and receive on the appropriate pairs. A port with auto-MDIX eliminates the need for crossover cables.

  • Length: CableIQ shows the approximate length to the port. Sometimes, depending on the termination of the port, CableIQ cannot give a length measurement. (As in the example above)