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Novo testador portátil da Fluke Networks para fibra monomodo pode testar links de até 15 quilômetros

9 de junho de 2011

One-button Fiber OneShot™ PRO Requires Little Training, Tests High-Loss Links in Seconds and Increases Telecom Technician Productivity by 30 percent

EVERETT, Wash. – June 8, 2011 – Fluke Networks today announced Fiber OneShot™ PRO, a one-button troubleshooter for singlemode fiber networks, which tests access network links up to 15 miles - farther than any other fiber troubleshooter in its class* - and increases telecom technician productivity by 30 percent.**

“Our customers are focused on reducing costs and improving the efficiency of their technicians. Fiber OneShot PRO makes it possible for a technician with very little training to find the most common faults impacting fiber network performance -- from detecting bad splices and breaks to finding severe macro and microbends,” said Ed Sztuka, vice president, Communications Service Providers, Fluke Networks, adding that the testing range allows technicians to quickly cover both large rural networks, and at 15 miles, 95 percent of all US metro areas.

Fiber OneShot PRO complements fiber network troubleshooting tools currently in the market by ensuring there are now products at all ends of the spectrum – from Visual Fault Locators (VFL) to locate high-loss faults over shorter distances, as well as singlemode and multimode Optical Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) for deeper, more robust network analysis and comprehensive fiber certification.

“Fiber OneShot™ PRO is designed to be that ‘first response’ tool for all singlemode fiber network applications worldwide,” said Sztuka.

According to a fiber infrastructure manager for a major U.S. CATV service, Fiber OneShot™ PRO is the perfect tool for their application. A great first-responder fiber diagnostic tool, the Fiber OneShot™ PRO helps telecoms respond to customers’ needs much more quickly.

For more information on the new Fiber OneShot™ PRO and Fluke Networks’ complete portfolio of fiber network troubleshooting tools, visit

About Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions for network installation, monitoring and analysis within global enterprises and carriers. The company's comprehensive line of solutions provides network installers, owners, and maintainers with superior vision, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance. Headquartered in Everett, Washington, the company distributes its products in more than 50 countries. More information can be found by visiting Fluke Networks’ web site at or by calling (800) 283-5853.

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*Based on current Fluke Networks’ competitive analysis and market information of existing laser technology and frontline fiber troubleshooter claims.

** Based on Fiber OneShot PRO beta tests by a major U.S. CATV service provider with nearly 18,000 miles of single mode fiber cabling to maintain.

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