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Cable ID creation using Excel - LinkWare PC 9.x

You may have the Cable ID list in Excel already. You can take advantage of this by importing them into LinkWare and uploading them to a DSX/DTX CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro or OptiFiber Pro.

  1. Your ID list in Excel MUST be in a single column, an example is shown below:

  2. Save the file as CSV (MS-DOS) file type in Excel:

  3. You will see the following warning, click OK.

  4. Another warning is given. Go ahead and click Yes.

  5. Close Excel or the file you have open here. (IMPORTANT)
  6. In LinkWare, click on Utilities and your tester type, in this example DTX CableAnalyzer and Create ID List... :
  7. A new window will open. Change the file type to CSV files (*csv.*), select your file and click Open.

  8. Click on the tester icon to send it to the instrument, it will prompt for a name to save the ID list as (This name must be less than 25 Characters).



With the DTX CableAnalyzer, you can save your Cable ID list to the memory card. Then insert the memory card into the DTX CableAnalyzer. To do this, rotate the dial to SETUP, select Instrument Settings. Then select Cable ID Source, select List to see your Cable ID list name.

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